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3 Reasons to Use Rashguards

Posted by Lauren Petrullo on
3 Reasons to Use Rashguards


I have a super fun fact for you! Did you know that rashguards (also called rashies or swim shirts) got their name from protecting the human body against getting rashes and abrasions from surfboards and salt water? But you don’t have to be a surfer to benefit from one! Rashguards protect your whole family from the sun’s harmful UV rays to help prevent sunburns and rashes from too much sun exposure.

Sun Protection
If your baby is younger than 6 months old, it is recommended that they not wear sunscreen. So, if you are going to be out in the sun with them, how do you protect their fresh, new, delicate skin? Sun hats, umbrellas and rashguards are three great boy in rashguard, swim diaper, and hat playing at a water tableoptions to keep the ultraviolet rays off of your little one and limit their exposure to the sun. Rashguards are designed to be lightweight, quick drying, and act as a barrier to protect swimmers of all ages from the sun. Made from stretchy and breathable materials, many rashguards are UPF 50 (whereas a regular white t-shirt is only UPF7) so they are a much more effective alternative to a t-shirt in terms of sun protection. Young babies are also not able to regulate their body temperatures on their own, so it is super important to dress them appropriately for the climate they are going to be in. Rashguards allow them the sun protection that is necessary to help keep their skin from burning, as well as offering a breathable material so they do not overheat in warmer temperatures. Just remember that rashguards or screen screen do not offer 100% protection - make sure to alternate time in the sun with time in the shade.

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girl running on grass with a rashguard and swim diaper on
Potty time!
Pairing a swim top with a swim diaper makes changing diapers way easier than a one-piece bathing suit. Especially when potty training when your baby is getting older! We all know the struggle of pulling down a wet one-piece, it’s not fun! And then pulling it back up? No thank you!

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Avoid Other Irritations
Let’s talk about the beach -- you know, the sun, the open water, and the sand. All the sand, everywhere. Rashguards help to keep the sand off your Little’s body and offer a little more protection from any floating sticks or seaweed in the water than a regular suit will. They are also easy to remove before loading your kiddo up in the car.

baby girl playing in the waves at the beach in a swim diaper and rashguard baby boy half buried in sand at the beach wearing a rash guard


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Considering all the benefits that one rashguard can offer your child (and older members of your family), it is a good idea to invest in one or two for your next vacation or swim season. There are also cute styles that make them a great choice to wear any time your family will be in the sun for extended periods of time! Think of them like a t-shirt with added protection.

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Author: Katie Quaraert

Photo Credits: Angie Carter, Karissa Dawn, Bonnie Pyles, Amanda Upton

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