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Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers (Babies too!)

Posted by Lauren Petrullo on
Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers and Babies

Great Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers (Babies too!)

Since my kids were babies, I have always made a point to keep gifts to a minimum and with purpose behind each present. My kiddos get plenty of gifts each Christmas, therefore I do my best to give them items that I know they can use for a long time. One way I have accomplished this is by gifting “something they WANT, something they NEED, something they WEAR and something they READ.” Below I have compiled a list of “Stocking Stuffers” geared towards toddlers with this gifting mindset. Keep reading to end to hear about a fun giveaway we are doing!

Stocking Stuffers Toddlers Want:

Peg Dolls Last year I set out to make a family of peg people for my little girl (who was 2 at the time). Peg dolls are perfect for little hands and using your imagination. My daughter plays with her little family of dolls daily now, and I love hearing the scenarios she comes up with on her own. I also made my son a set of Marvel Avengers peg people and he loved them too! There are several types and kinds of peg people available to purchase online. One of my favorite shops is DixieandBee, but you could also find several of these on Etsy.

Keepsake Ornament Although your toddler may not “want” a keepsake ornament at his/her current age, I feel like this is something that is both classic and purposeful. My parents always gifted my brother and I with a special ornament every Christmas, and when we grew up and got married, we both had our own box of ornaments to decorate our trees with our little families. You could even gift them the supplies to make their own ornament, such as a small wooden tree to paint, or an ornament craft kit from your local craft store.

Bannor Toys Wooden Toy Phone or Teething Camera I feel like woodenToy wooden phone toys always last longer and can, in turn, become heirloom items for future generations. Bannor Toys is just one of many companies who make beautiful wooden toys for little ones. My daughter has their teething camera, and even though she is past the age of teething, she will often “take pictures” with her camera throughout the day. I have also been eyeing the “wooden toy phone” in their shop, because it would be perfect for imaginative play for my kids.

Safari Ltd Toob Another great item to spur little one’s imaginations are realistic animal figures. Safari Ltd is on Amazon and has a large variety of these “toobs” that come in the perfect size for stockings. You can find several different kinds of animals, and even items like fairies, bugs, etc… I gifted my kids their “Farm Babies Toob” last year and they love playing with these little figurines. You can even add them to your Play-Doh playtime or sensory table for extra fun.

Wooden Spinning Top This is another simple toy, but it would be the perfect size for a stocking stuffer! Kids love spinning tops, and they are the perfect toy to spur on fine gross motor skills.


Stocking Stuffers Toddlers Need:

Innobaby Silicone Fish Bath Scrub Last Christmas, I gifted my kids these “silicone fish bath scrubs” by Innobaby. What I love about these is that they are antimicrobial and my kids actually enjoy playing with these in the bath tub.

Stella & Lu Lovey Many babies become tag-obsessed in their infant stage. I found Stella & Lu on Instagram a few years ago and purchased their loveyLovey blanket (which is adorned with tags to play with) as stocking stuffers for each of my kids. Both of them cannot sleep without theirs to this day! You can find their shop on Etsy.

Fun Toothbrush (Brushies)/Toothpaste Both of my children were early teethers, starting at 4 months; therefore, I made sure we began dental care as soon as possible. If you are just starting tooth-care for your little one, I highly recommend The Brushies (you can find them on Amazon). Both of my kids loved using these in their toddler stage, and we still talk about “getting the sugar bugs”, mentioned in The Brushies book. Basically, they are finger-puppet-style, silicone toothbrushes for kids -- and they are adorable!

Pee-kaboo Potty Sticker If you are about to begin, or are struggling with your current potty-training situation -- a Pee-kaboo Potty Sticker would be the perfect addition to your Little one’s stocking. How it works is you have a sticker to adhere to the bottom of your little potty (not the toilet). The sticker remains black until your child pees and then the warmth from the pee activates the sticker, revealing a fun image like a train or butterfly. These are great because they provide a personal, instant incentive for your toddler - without bribing them with candy and other rewards!

Shampoo/Bubble Bath Making bath time fun is easy when you fill the tub with good-smelling bubbles and fizz! Shampoo, bubble bath, or bath bombs are great stocking stuffers because they are fun AND practical! If you search on Amazon you can easily find the ones that are made with natural ingredients that are safe for your Littles. Dads, go ahead and order some bath bombs for mom too! She will love it! Heck, moms, order some for dad too!

Stocking Stuffers Toddlers Can Wear:

BBLittles Swim Diaper You may not be thinking about going swimming when it’s snowing outside, but I would highly recommend tossing a Beau & Belle Littles Swim Diaper in your Littles’s stockings for several reasons. First of all, they last forever and sizes adjust from newborn to toddler, and beyond. Also, winter is one of the best times to invest in swim lessons for Frogglez, Cozy phone, and BBLittles joint Fall giveaway imageschildren, so you could totally gift these with swim lessons as an experience gift. I have been using these for years now, and wish I had bought them sooner instead of wasting money on ill-fitting disposable swim diapers. 

Frogglez We recently were gifted Frogglez for our kids and, let me tell you, they have been an instant game changer for the pool! I love how they don’t tug and pull at their hair like other goggles do; and the sizing is perfect - no water floods into their eyes when they are swimming. Not to mention, they have the coolest design and a variety of colors to choose from for your child.

CozyPhones I recently learned about CozyPhones and have quickly added them to my children’s stocking stuffer wishlist. These are soft headphones that have built-in sound, so your child does not need to struggle with headphones falling off or oversized earbuds. They would be perfect during their screen-time for the day, or even for a longer car ride. 

Sarah’s Silks Playsilk I have several friends who rave about Sarah’s Silks Playsilks, which is why I have added them to this stocking-stuffer list. These Playsilks are so versatile, your child can use their imagination by making a cape, dress, blanket, or even a puppet-show set-up using these silks. An item that has multiple uses is always a plus!

Hair Bows/Fuzzy Socks If you have a Little who loves hair bows and cute clips those are a great item to pop in their stocking! I mean, really, you can’t go wrong!  For the non-bow wearers fuzzy socks are a perfect choice for a winter gift that is fun and affordable. Try to think of other small accessories or apparel item that excites your child, and toss it in their stocking.

Stocking Stuffers Kids can Read:

Book Reading Light by Vekkia My son absolutely loves reading books! This year for his birthday, someone gifted him a book reading light by Vekkia (on Amazon) -  it is awesome! It has 3 different light settings and it charges during the day. Now my son can read books in his bed, without struggling to hold up a flashlight as he falls asleep. If you have a reader in your family, I would totally throw one of these in their stocking this year. 

Spot It Jr. Game Similar to the classic game of “Eye Spy,” Spot It Jr. is for toddlers. This game is all about finding a picture and using your words, Spot It Junior game in the boxwhich is great for expanding your Little’s vocabulary. Plus, this is a compact game, so it’s perfect to toss into your diaper bag or purse for waiting rooms and restaurants (and stockings!).

Usborne Books & More I have been a huge fan of Usborne Books & More for years, so although I cannot tell you which book to add to your child’s stocking, I can tell you that you will not be disappointed with their selection. I have been invited to several of these parties this year, and I love that there is a book for each and every niche, so you can always find something for your unique and special child.

Silicone Nativity Coloring Mat by His Kids Company I recently found this company and absolutely love the idea of a silicone mat for the table that my kiddos can color or read. His Kids Company has a Nativity Coloring Mat this Christmas, that would roll perfectly and fit inside your child’s stocking. They also have several other silicone mats that are faith-based and sweet for discussing the religious meaning of Christmas with your children.

Shopping for your Littles can be the most fun shopping you ever do! Enjoy the opportunity to play Santa for your little elves!

Next week, BBLittles, CozyPhone and Frogglez are teaming up and offering an amazing giveaway valued around $85! Use this link and click “Get Started” on the bottom of the page to subscribe to us on Messenger. We will send you information in a few days on how to enter!

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