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Our Guide on How to Adjust Nageuret Reusable Swim Diaper

Posted by Lauren Petrullo on
How to Adjust a Nagueret Swim Diaper for Newborns

Tips and Tricks For Putting on Your New Nageuret Premium Reusable Swim Diaper

I hear you momma. You're tired and you don't have enough brain power from lack of sleep (we’re pretty much there with you 24/7). So I wanted to give you a step by step guide on how to size your new Nageuret Premium Reusable Swim Diaper. 

Snaps and snaps and snaps and snaps

First things first there are two different sets of snaps:

  1. There are snaps that change the size around the waist & legs and
  2. There are snaps in the front that change the rise of the swim diaper so that it isn't bulky and baggy.
The leg and waist sizing snaps are the most important ones you need to pay attention to in order to avoid being the dreaded cause of a pool evacuation. Those are the ones that need to be snug and tight around the waist and leggies to prevent escapees. The rise snaps actually just help with the look of the swim diaper, they don't have any real adjustment on the 'seal' of the diaper.

Snap adjustment how-to for reusable swim diapers with snaps

How tight is “tight?”

You know that feeling you get when you have a brand new hair tie that you leave on your wrist for too long, the dark purple mark that it leaves, this is the type of mark you don't want to leave on your baby from a swim diaper. But the marks you get from new socks that are tight, so they stay up and not fall into your shoe. These are the marks that are okay to see on your baby and you probably want to see them so you know you had the swim diaper tight enough so poop doesn't leak out and then cause the pool to close.

Sizing for Newborns- size 2 Diapers (6lbs to 18+/-lbs)

For the smallest of babies wearing disposable diaper sizes newborn-2 you'll want to snap all of the snaps around the waist. You'll also want to adjust the rise snaps to all the way up. You'll want to snap the rise snaps before trying to put the diaper on. I often will snap one side for the waist as well, slide it on, make sure it gets into the crease of the leg (where the leg meets the groin) and then snap the otherside. You are welcome to put a swim suit over the swim diaper or you can just wear the swim diaper by itself. Beau is funny, he’s SUPER particular so most of the time we wear ours under a swimsuit (unless we’re trying to advertise… haha) then put on a swim shirt.

Most babies at this age or either exclusively breastfed or are on formula. If you know your baby tends to have explosive poops that their regular diapers can't contain, neither will swim diapers. Please take this into consideration when going swimming with a baby who isn't on solid food yet. Whether your baby is still on breastmilk, formula, or has moved on to solids it’s essential that you are very aware of when your baby does poop so you can change them immediately before their liquidy poop is watered down even more by swimming. Some swim schools and pools require extra protection with a disposable swim diaper underneath a reusable until a baby has solid poop.

How to Adjust a Nagueret Swim Diaper for Newborns

Sizing for between diaper sizes 2&4 (+/-18lbs to +/-27lbs)

The middle size two snaps on each side around the waist and the first row of rise snaps buttoned usually fits babies who wear disposable diapers size 2-4. Please be aware that some babies with thicker thighs may not fit this diaper. When we say it fits newborn-3 we aren't trying to mislead you. We have several customers who have a late potty trainer who can still wear this diaper at 3 and are 36lbs-40lbs, but they tend to be taller with skinnier thighs.

How to Adjust a Nagueret Swim Diaper for Size 3 Diapers

Sizing for diaper sizes 4-5 (+/-27 to +/-36lbs)

The largest size would be one set of snaps on both sides of the waist and no rise snaps buttoned. Beau (our son) is now 2 and he weighs about 32lbs and is about 36" wears the diaper like this. If we want the diaper to fit more like underwear under his toddler belly, we will snap the first row of rise snaps.

If you are seeing that the diaper is holding water in the bottom, you'll want to make sure that the elastic is in the crease of the legs. This will reduce the amount of water the swim diaper holds. Before you take your baby out of the pool make sure there's no poop in there and simply let the water release by breaking the seal around your child's leg.

How to Adjust a Nagueret Swim Diaper for sizes 4-5

Why we developed the Nageuret line of Swim Diapers

There's an O on this egg!

Paul and I developed and chose this design for our Nageuret line of swim diapers because I didn't want to have to keep buying a swim diaper every three months. It was important to us as an outdoorsy family that the swim diapers we made were both cost-effective for families on a budget (like ours) and were environmentally friendly. We wanted something that we could keep using over and over again, and that had the ability to grow with Beau. The elastic around the waist and legs is strong, but also soft so it doesn't create chaffing like the other brands.

At the time I wrote this blog we’re in the second stage of prototype testing a larger version of our Nageuret Swim Diaper that we’re aiming to fit kiddos between 20-55lbs. We’re really hoping that we can have this finished up by January or February next year so we can get it online. The only complaints that we’ve had historically are that (like I mentioned above) the swim diaper doesn’t fit our chunkier littles that use it, so this new larger size will meet that need.

Give us feedback!

As a small, family-owned and operated company your input and feedback is extremely important to us! If we didn’t hear from our customers that the swim diapers don’t fit the kiddos with chunkier thighs, we wouldn’t know and wouldn’t have been able to start developing the larger size (since Beau’s on the skinny/light side). So please, don’t hesitate to call us or email us with your ideas and feedback. If you have a product that you really need or want to see made, let us know! We really do value all of the input we receive and need that input.

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