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My Baby Pooped while Swimming! Now what?

Posted by Lauren Petrullo on
My Baby Pooped while Swimming. Handling a poopy diaper at the pool like a boss

Pool days, ahhhh. They’re great all the way around - for the kids and for the parents. Sunshine, splashing, and smiles. We can fully prepare for a day poolside with towels, swim diapers / swim suits, extra diapers, extra suits, extra clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses and snacks. We can set up underneath an umbrella to limit sun exposure, and keep cool in the shade. We can time snacks and water breaks to avoid meltdowns. But there is one thing we cannot control … and that is the timing of when your Little has to go to the bathroom.

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And yikes. It happened. Of course. The moment that every single parent secretly, or not-so-secretly, hopes will never, ever, ever happen to them. Your Little one pooped. At the pool. They gave you no notice, no warning, nothing but poop and a crowd. Now what?! Before the panic sets in, evaluate the situation and follow the steps outlined below for easiest handling of your current situation!

Step One: Just reiterating this, do not panic! Poop happens. Literally, to everyone. So if you’re lucky enough to have caught it simply by knowing your child’s cues, congratulations. Maybe you caught a glimpse of a warning. If you aren’t as fortunate, and you found out because your child hollered across the pool “Mom, I pooped!” then I feel for you. Put on your shades and move on to step two.

Step Two: Calmly grab your child and remove them from the water area as quickly as possible. They’ll probably tantrum a little bit, because no children like to stop playing with their friends for poop. I try making it a game - I skip with my daughter, baby mad at the pool looking through a clear balland sing, and act super silly so she forgets that I’m taking her away from all the fun. Sometimes it works. But the reality is that sometimes it also does not work. And in those moments, I have to hold her tight so that I can bring her somewhere to change her. Sometimes she’s crying and screaming and thrashing. That’s why I told you to put your shades on -- a bit of a disguise. Also, don't forget to grab your diaper bag - or at least some wipes and another reusable swim diaper - to bring with you to the bathroom.

Step Three: You escaped the crowd and now it’s time. Time to remove the goods. Hopefully your child is in a reusable swim diaper with snaps, and you can swiftly unsnap the diaper for easy retrieval of the subject matter. Just shake the poop out of the diaper and into the toilet. Flush it down and wave goodbye! Clean up your little one with a quick and efficient wipe down. If there is any residue on the swim toddler child standing at the pool wearing the Beau and Belle Littles Swim Diaperdiaper, spray it down with some water and put it in a wet bag to wash when you get home.

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Step Four: Put a new swim diaper on your child and march proudly out of that bathroom knowing you (hopefully) won’t have to deal with another poop today. If it went smoothly, you might even consider sliding your shades up on your head so you can accept the congratulatory glances on your way back to your umbrella. Return your poop-free child to the pool with his/her friends and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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Step Five: Once your day at the pool is over, pack everyone up and head home. Do not forget to throw that soiled swim diaper into the washer when you get home! 

P.S. Congratulations on avoiding a pool evacuation by using a properly fitting swim diaper! 🤜🤛

Author: Katie Quataert      Photo credits: Katie Quataert, Kelsey Kitt, Karissa Sargent

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