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About The Product

Do swim diapers hold urine?

Swim diapers are designed to hold in solid waste *aka poop*, but they don't do a very good job of holding in urine.

Unlike regular diapers, which rely on absorbent materials to soak up waste, swim diapers are made with a porous fabric that allows water to pass. And, since pee is primarily water, the liquid will pass through the diaper and into the pool. 

Do you put a diaper under a swim diaper?

No, you do not put a diaper under a swim diaper. That would be a bit like wearing two pairs of pants - it would be quite uncomfortable and it wouldn't serve any purpose.

The swim diaper is designed to contain solid waste, so there is no need for an additional layer of protection while in the pool. 

You can use a diaper insert to absorb urine if you're doing a day in and out of the pool. The diaper insert is great for dry land activities. 

Are Beau & Belle Littles reusable swim diapers waterproof?

Yes! Our reusable swim diapers are made from PUL Polyester, a waterproof and leak-proof material that will keep the poop in and water out, no matter how much your little one wriggles around. 

How to wash my reusable swim diaper?

Here's a quick and easy guide to washing your reusable swim diaper:

  • Throw solids into the toilet
  • Wash the diaper. Set your machine to a delicate cycle and use either cold or warm water - hot water may damage the elastic in the diaper (don’t use bleach, only a mild detergent)
  • Hang it to dry. Don't put it in the dryer, because that will just wear out the fabric faster. Avoid drying it in harsh sunlight, if not, colors will fade over time

Want to discover more tips to wash your swim diaper? Click here.

How do I store my reusable swim diaper?

Once you have wash and dry your swim diaper, you can store it in a clean, dry place until you're ready to use it again.

What materials do you use to design your diapers?

Our reusable nappies are made with an outer layer of 100% PUL Polyester that is waterproof and won’t let any little poopy friend to go afloat. 

The inner layer is designed with a polyester mesh that is easy to wash and comfortable. 

Additionally, our elastic is made of Nylon and spandex.

What is your swim diaper sizing?

Our diapers are designed to grow with your little bum. We have two primary sizes 

  • Small for kids between 0-3 years
  • Large for kiddos between 2-5 years 

Larger children sizes are available for kids with autism or bowel deficiencies up to age 12. 

Additionally our diapers have snaps that can be adjusted around the waist to four different sizes. That way your baby will feel snuggly and comfortable while wearing the diaper as they grow. 

For more information visit our sizing chart

Do the diapers come in different colors and patterns?

Of course! We want our little beaus and belles to walk around the pool in fashion. That’s why we have super cool designs just for them. 

You can find our reusable swim diapers in solid colors and patterns. Additionally, we have designs for girls, boys, and unisex

Why don't your diapers have an absorbent layer?

Our diapers are not designed to hold urine because they don’t have an absorbent layer, just an inner polyester mesh. This is because, once an absorbent layer touches the water, it becomes fully saturated (with water) and is unable to absorb anything else (pee). 

Additionally, the diaper can become heavier with all the water that was soaked up, which will be uncomfortable for your little one while swimming. 

So, even if it sounds gross, it is better to let the pee flow into the pool than keep your kid dry and warm. 

How many reusable swim diapers should I buy?

The first thing to consider when deciding how many reusable swim diapers to buy is the frequency of your child's swimming activities. If you expect your little one to be swimming or playing in the water on a regular basis, then you may want to purchase some backups so that you always have a clean swim diaper on hand. Additionally, it is important to consider factors like how long your child usually spends in the water at each session and whether you'd like them to have access to a clean diaper every time they poop on the one they have on. 

Typically we recommend owning two. One to wear and one to spare in case your child poops in the water and needs to be changed. 

Ultimately, there is no set formula for purchasing reusable swim diapers, but having a few extra ones on hand can ensure that you are never caught without one when your little one needs it most!


Do your diapers have a warranty? 

Of course! We want you to be 100% satisfied with your kiddo’s reusable diapers. However, if you have any issues, we have a 1-Year Better than Money-Back Guarantee. 

You just have to inform us about your issues, so we can refund your money and send you a new diaper of your choice for free. 

For more information about our awesome warranty, click here.

Do you have a refund policy?

If you don’t want to use our warranty policy and just want to return your diaper and a refund, write an email to and we will give you all the information to do the return process successfully. 

This process is only available during the first 30 days after your purchase.

For more information about our return and refund policy, click here.

How long after my purchase will you ship my reusable nappy?

After you order, we will put the product(s) in a bag and mail it to the given address within 24 hours. 

Where can I contact you?

We have different lines of communication depending on your request! 

Click here to see all the ways in which you can get in touch with us. 

About us

When was Beau & Belle Littles founded?

Beau & Belle Littles was founded back in 2015. After our little swimmer, Beauregard, tried a single-sized reusable swim diaper that was too tight for him and absolutely hated it, we decided that it would be better to have a one-size-fits-all nappy that could grow with Beau and let him have fun in the water without having to worry about feeling uncomfortable. That’s how BBL was born! 

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