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Press Coverage

National Television:

The Rachael Ray Show

Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran has made a career out of helping other entrepreneurs turn their dream products into bona fide businesses, and this time, she’s hearing pitches from three contestants who are part of OnDeck’s Seal of Approval contest. One business will win $10,000 plus personal coaching from Corcoran to help them take their business to the next level! Read on for the scoop on each contestant and watch the video above to hear them each tell their story—and see who won!

See the full uncut segment from the Rachael Ray show Here.

News Outlets:

Forbes Magazine

Rachelle and Paul Baron owners of Beau & Belle Littles Reusable Swim diapers with Barbara Corcoran

Like many entrepreneurs, Rachelle Baron started her company out of her own need. She was dissatisfied with the swim pants on the market.... Baron’s 6-month-old son loved swimming. But swim pants were expensive and uncomfortable. So Baron created ones that are adjustable, environmentally friendly — they’re reusable — and comfortable — softer elastic around the waist and leg, and mesh not an absorbing layer next to the child. Read More

The New York Times - Wirecutter

Our Favorite Rash Guards, Sun Hats, and Other Beachwear for Kids

After a long pandemic winter, many of us with little kids are extra eager for outdoor time at the beach, lake, or pool this summer. Below are some of our staff’s favorite kids swimsuits, rash guards, sun hats, and water shoes for keeping cool in the summer sun. Read More


Ranked #1 Swim Diaper Overall

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint, but also not have to worry about buying a million different sizes of reusable swim diapers? The Nageuret really stands out from the rest thanks to its ability to adjust between sizes newborn and 5!
Well-placed snaps allow for multiple different adjustments Read More

Parents Magazine

Ranked #1 Swim Diaper Overall
Uber adjustable, Nageuret diapers have snaps that adjust around the waist and legs, and three different size adjustments for height. So infants as light as 8 pounds and toddlers as heavy as 60 pounds can rock the trendy patterns designed by Beau & Belle Littles. They're lined with a super soft mesh to be gentle on your baby's skin.
This company's business practices are impressive, too... Read More

What To Expect

Ranked "Best Overall Infant Swim Diaper"
"The ultimate reusable swim diaper, the Nageuret from Beau & Belle Littles can be adjusted to fit babies aged 3 months to 3 years (or 6 to 35 pounds). Its polyester material is easy to clean, and the elastic waist and legs will help contain messes without chafing baby's delicate skin." Read More

Heather Spears

Ultimate Baby Gift Guide:

One thing is for sure, there isn’t much in the world that can match the excitement of a baby who loves water. There is one big problem when it comes to babies and water and that is diapers. Little ones who don’t know how to use the potty might still love the fun wetness of water. So Beau and Belle Read More

Experienced Mommy

Ranked best because:
"This diaper is adjustable from newborn through pre-school sizes." Read More

The Bump

Ranked Best Reusable Because:
Scattered snaps let you adjust these cloth swim diapers to find the perfect (read: leak-proof) fit. The patterns are also totally aw-worthy. Read More

KMGH Denver ABC 7

The founders of Beau & Belle Littles, a local company that makes and sells swim diapers for newborns and toddlers, won the $10,000 Grand Prize in On Deck’s Seal of Approval contest this week. Read More

Good Day Colorado, KDVR Fox 31 Denver

Local Couple Makes Reusable Swim Diapers

Loveland Reporter Herald

Loveland entrepreneurs outfit little swimmers

Little Beauregard Baron doesn't know it, but he has provided both the name and the inspiration for a Loveland startup founded by his parents.

A little over a year ago, Rachelle and Paul Baron launched their company, Beau & Belle Littles, which sells reusable swim diapers and other swim products for children. Read More

Loveland entrepreneurs win national contest

A Loveland entrepreneur who just won a national competition says the whole experience feels surreal. But the $10,000 prize money and a consultation with a nationally known businesswoman are for real. Read More

Loveland swim diaper entrepreneurs on national stage again

A Loveland couple finding its way in the entrepreneurial world continues to attract attention to its 2-year-old swim diaper company.

Last week, Rachelle and Paul Baron spent several days in Washington, D.C., as finalists in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Dream Big Award competition, sponsored by MetLife. Read More

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

Beau and Belle Littles in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine July 2017

Blog Coverage

OnDeck Seal of Approval Contest Winners

For the second year in a row, OnDeck worked with Barbara Corcoran to give three entrepreneurs a $10,000 prize, courtesy of OnDeck, and a one-on-one coaching session with Barbara, to take their businesses to the next level. Read More

LBDC Success Story – Beau and Belle Littles

The true measure of a successful product is: Does it solve a customer problem? As new, active parents, Paul and Rachelle Baron faced a common problem when trying to take their little one swimming. They wanted a high quality, reusable swim diaper that handled solid waste well, but there was nothing on the market that met their standards.  Read More

This month, we’re introducing some of America’s most inspiring entrepreneurs by interviewing all 18 finalists for this year’s Dream Big Small Business Awards. The awards program honors the achievements of some of our nation’s most remarkable small business owners and celebrates their contributions to the American economy. Read More


One of the strange and uncomfortable things about parenting a child with food allergies is that it takes me a while after I first spot a runny nose to determine if we’re dealing with an allergic reaction or just a regular childhood sickness. And that can be a little bit stressful. Last week, Ever woke up from a nap with cold-like symptoms. I thought through everything she’d eaten that day, Ben asked his mom if she’d had anything new there that day, and I wondered if it could be possible that she was having a reaction to maitake mushrooms, which she’d just tried for the first time.

Amber Canaan

The Joyful Organizer

I recently set out to find if there was a reusable swim diaper. Not because I needed one today, but because I really wanted to know. And guess what? There is! It’s by Beau And Belle and is waterproof and adjustable, as well as reusable. Read More

Budget Savvy Diva

Looking for a baby gift for a new mom – these swim diapers are the perfect idea. It is something a bit different than getting a noisy toy – it is a gift that is useful and most moms do not know what to buy. Read More

New York Times

I relied on a Beau & Belle Littles swim diaper for my son from the time he was a few weeks old. Thanks to its quality materials and adjustable sizing snaps for both waist fit and rise, he wore the same swim diaper until he potty trained at age 3. There’s been no fading at all, and the elastic around the waist and legs has held up without a single stray thread, despite weekly wear. Plus, it’s secure: We’ve (knock on wood) never had a blowout. Washable swim diapers cut down on the bulk of disposable versions, and I like that they are more environmentally friendly—but they do require a little more thought and care. Read More


Ode Magazine

The Naguret (say Na-jour-ay) swim diaper is designed with love in Loveland, CO. Beau and Belle Littles is a family owned company dedicated to making high quality swim diapers for babies and toddlers and beyond. Read More

Raise Vegan

A small family-owned company in Colorado, Beau & Belle Littles made the shift from using disposable swim diapers to developing premium, high-end washable, waterproof, reusable cloth swimming diapers out of a love for the outdoors and grandeur of the natural environment they grew up in.

Diaper Talk

This reusable and eco-friendly swim diaper is festive and cute as well as effective. There’s no carbon footprint with this reusable diaper! Read More

Summer is here, which means it is time to start breaking out the swim shoes, beach balls and squirt guns for beach trips and days at the pool with your little ones! If you have a baby or toddler still in diapers, you may be worried about accidents in the water. Normal diapers swell up in water and do not provide adequate protection against leaks. Even cloth diapers get super soggy and are not comfortable for baby to wear in the water. Reusable swim diapers are a perfect solution. Best Adjustable Design Swim diaper: Nageuret Swim Diapers By Beau and Belle Littles

When it comes to buying diapers for the little ones, cloth diapers are reliable for parents who wish to be assured of comfort without spending too much over the long term and without contributing much to landfills of wastes. Such diapers are healthier, reusable, comfortable, and affordable.

They are becoming more popular and that different styles have surfaced to fulfill the diverse requirements of both babies and parents. Well, the availability of several choices can be bewildering for parents, especially if they are looking for the best cloth diaper for the first time.

It must be kept in mind that not every baby is the same due to which there is no single diaper acting as the best solution for any baby. If one cloth diaper has worked well for a baby of your friend, it does not mean it will work for your baby as well.

Thus, a cloth diaper for toddler should be selected by considering different factors such as comfort, fabric, type, fit, and diapering system such as wrap or insert. On the basis of these factors, here are top 5 cloth diapers chosen for you! Read More

Conserva Mom

Once upon a time, I sat on my couch stretching my arms out and over my massively pregnant belly scrolling through every article, blog post, instagram and tweet I could possibly find about cloth diapering. I thought I had a pretty good handle on all things cloth until, on facebook, the question I had never even thought to ask appeared on a cloth diapering discussion group. “What is the best re-usable swim diaper option?”

Natural Mama

There are few products as conscientiously designed, produced, and available as Beau & Belle Littles eco-friendly reusable baby swim diapers. The company, which was created by parents, is one to be admired for their thoughtful consideration of both consumer need, as well as their simultaneous effort to give back. Read More

Mama Hippie

California is weird. Summer’s here are hot and that usually extends into the month of September, although usually it begins to cool down by the end of the month. This September though, it was hot until the very end. The last week in September ranged from the mid 90s to high 80s. So it was quite surprising when I woke up on October 2nd and it was cold… and raining.

Luckily, we found a swim diaper that will take us through the fall and winter seasons right back into summer. Read More

Mustard Seed Mommy

Well, Beau & Belle Little are back for review, but this time I’m reviewing their adorable washable swim diapers!

They sent me both prints to review, and if you keep an eye on the blog in the next month or so you might just see these again for our big giveaway!!!! Read More


Investing in diapers is surely a pricey thing to do, so for parents planning to do some tight budgeting, a cloth diaper is a good option. Spending money on cloth diapers may seem costly in the beginning as it will require money up front, but in the long run, it will be worth it. Nowadays, there are hundreds of different type of cloth diapers that comes with disposable inserts and washable covers.

Besides saving a lot of money from investing in disposable diapers, you are also helping to save the environment from constant garbage waste. In fact research shows that there are about 20 billion disposable diapers being dumped in landfills every year, what’s worse is that it takes 500 years for these products to decompose. Read More

Maternity Glow

Beau & Belle Little boasts high-end yet affordable (and utterly adorable) reusable swimming diapers, the Nageuret...

The best thing about these diapers is that they actually grow with your baby (which as moms, we all love).

Read More

Viral bits

That time we were the top post on Reddit

This caught my attention when reading the tag for my baby's swim diaper.


Swim diaper's extremely specific cleaning instructions are designed to give parents a chuckle