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One to Wear and One to Spare - Why Do You Need 2 Swim Diapers When You Go to the Beach or Pool?

Posted by Lauren Petrullo on
Two babies wearing swim diaper in the beach

Going to a beach destination is one of the many wonderful ways to relax and unwind. Those earthy and salty scents of the water added with tranquil sounds of the ocean hitting the sandy shore is like the perfect option to reset. 

But achieving such ambiance with an infant or toddler can be somewhat unattainable. A carry-on vacation is now a carry-all things mostly for your baby and toddler's stuff. I'm not saying that relaxing on the beach is impossible when you have kids you need to look after before anything else. You probably have a lot on your mind and sometimes remembering everything can feel impossible. So, at Beau and Belle Littles, we’re here to help make it easier when thinking about what you need to bring on your next water adventure.

One of the things you need to carry along with you are swim diapers. These swim diapers are made to be worn in the pool or beach with the purpose of preventing poops from floating around. Compared to regular diapers that absorb water, swim diapers can withstand water while holding solids and at the same time letting liquids pass. 

Many parents prefer swim diapers over regular diapers because of their ability to not swell up compared to normal diapers when in the water. It also decreases the spread of fecal bacterial contamination like E.coli. These handy swim diapers are also easy to use and come in various sizes with cute designs to choose from. Now, there are two types of swim diapers in the market, disposable swim diapers, and reusable swim diapers with the latter being more practical and much more affordable to use by many parents

If you are going for a week-long beach vacation, bring at least two swim diapers, one to wear and one to spare. You can just easily wash it and air dry it in the evening. Choosing a reusable swim diaper can save you money in the long run especially if your family is a frequent beach or pool goer. Our Beau & Belle Littles's reusable swim diapers have a waterproof outer fabric made from 100% PUL polyester while the internal is made of polyester mesh for comfort and easy washing.

swim diaper

How to wash a reusable swim diaper?

For solid poop, you can just knock the poop into the toilet, rinse the swim diaper out under the sink’s faucet and finally toss the swim diaper into your washing machine. For hard-to-remove poops, you can wipe them off with toilet paper and soak them in warm water or running water then air dry after.

When heading to the beach or pool, don't forget to bring a wet bag to keep your water items in after the fun is over. We all know the importance of keeping our other stuff dry, right? Beau & Belle Littles wet bag has a large bottom that can store the whole family's wet swimsuits after spending the day at the beach or pool. The bag can fit at least two adult and two children's swimsuits plus some room for extra things like towels, swimming accessories, and water toys. This stylish waterproof bag is also a multipurpose bag that can store things like milk feeding bottles, diapers, toys, snacks, and many more. 

swim kit for children

We recommend keeping 1 - 2 clean BB Littles swim diapers as spares in the wet bag for your next pool or beach outings, so you always have them and the wet bag at the ready. Because when your little pops in the water, you don’t want to stop the fun. Just grab one of your spare reusable swim diapers, rinse out the poop from the dirty one, and toss the rinsed out, wet, and dirty swim diaper in the bag, zip it up, and keep the fun going. This way, you have your spare on your little and the one he wore in your wet bag, sealed away from getting any other items in your beach bag from getting soaked. So, when you arrive home you can empty the wet bag of your dirty swim diapers and toss them into the washing machine for the next water adventure. 

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