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Why You Want Your Toddler To Wear A Swim Diaper Under Their Favorite Swimsuit

Posted by Lauren Petrullo on
Baby wearing swim diaper in the beach

Swimming is one of the most popular fun activities for babies and kids but the fun does not just stop there, think about the cute outfits that those kids are wearing. Lovely!

In most cases, babies and kids below three or four years of age are required to wear a swim diaper when swimming or playing in a public pool. Even if your kids are potty trained, it might be best to keep them in a swim diaper for a while to avoid accidents. 

What is the purpose of wearing a swim diaper?

Public swimming facilities require that babies and kids must use swimming diapers due to the following purpose:

  • Prevent poop in the water
  • Decrease the spread of fecal bacterial contamination
  • Prevent spreading waste bacteria like E.coli.
  • Prevent individual from getting such bacteria's in and around the pool

If poop is in the pool, the facility must close down in order for them to drain and clean it. You don't want to be that parent who did not put on a swim diaper and caused the whole evacuation due to contamination. 

Toddlers are not exempt from swim diapers. They still need to wear one especially when they are anywhere near the pool. 

Why using a regular disposable diaper is a no, no, no.

Babies cannot wear the regular diapers in the pool because they are not designed to be used in the water. It will not keep the poop in place and since regular diapers absorb fluid, it will likely fall apart once it reaches its water holding capacity. The same goes for cloth diapers that can soak up water and become saggy.

But for swim diapers, the non-absorbency is a great factor when swimming in the pool. It is designed to hold poop but not any form of liquid so you will not have to worry about a saggy bottom. 

Now, the fun part is that you can still wear your baby's cute swimsuit over a swim diaper. We like our swim diapers at Beau and Belle Littles because of the many designs that you can choose from including  solid color prints.

Why choose a swim diaper to use under your baby's swimwear?

Aside from its cute and colorful designs, swim diapers are designed for water activities. It does not have that bumpy bottom that makes your baby look like a bee running around. Its outer fabric material is made from 100% PUL polyester while the internal is made of polyester mesh for easy washing and cleaning. These swim diapers are also reusable and adjustable with their snaps around the waist, legs, and front for height offering three different sizes of width and length. 

Its functionality and design are some of the many reasons why most parents prefer using this over other types of diapers. One factor that makes this a great choice is that you can save money in the long run, too. Choosing reusable swim diapers is the most practical option especially if you have a big family. Swim diapers are easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to dry

Allow your babies to have the best pool activities every time you hang out in the pool giving them the freedom to look awesome and cool, too. Swim diapers are great under any swimwear, swim suit, or when paired with rash guards for a complete look. Check out our wide selection of swim diapers, swimsuits, and wet bags at Beau and Belle Littles.

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