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5 Misconceptions About Reusable Swim Diapers

Posted by Lauren Petrullo on
Five Misconceptions About Reusable Swim Diapers

So, you’re trying to decide between disposable swim diapers and reusable swim diapers for your Little one(s). While scouring the internet, I’m sure you’re left with a plethora of information that has you right back where you started with your original question; should you go with disposable swim diapers or should you invest in reusable swim diapers? I’m here to debunk the top five misconceptions we hear about using reusable swim diapers, and hopefully lend some clarity around why reusable swim diapers might be a better choice for your family.

Misconception #1 - Reusable swim diapers are more expensive to use than disposable swim diapers would be.

Debunk: For easy math purposes, let’s say an average single disposable swim diapers retails for $1 (it may be less, it may be a little more, but for simplicity in numbers we will use $1). Let’s say you live in a climate that allows for swimming and water enjoyment (sprinklers, water tables, splash parks, etc.) for only 4-6 months out of the year. If your child enjoys the water a few times a week, on a weekly basis, for those 4-6 months, you are looking at at least $50 - $75 in swim diapers. And that is assuming you only use one per day. Reusable swim diapers retail at around $18 and, in the case of Beau and Belle Littles swim diaper, can be used for YEARS! Even if you wanted to buy several to avoid doing laundry every day, you’d still be looking at only $57 for 3 reusable swim diapers that could last you several years with adjustable sizing - they grow with your Littles!

Misconception #2 - Reusable swim diapers are not as sanitary as disposable swim diapers

Debunk: All swim diapers are designed to catch only solid matter on it’s way out. That means that urine will go through swim diapers, and poop will be caught. This is true for disposable or reusable diapers. So what is the difference between the two when it comes to containing the poo? With disposables, of course you remove the dirty diaper, throw it away, and re-diaper. With reusables, you remove the soiled diaper and re-diaper. You will shake the solids into the toilet and put the dirty diaper in a bag. When you get home simply toss it into your washer! Within the pool, both diaper types have a special layer in the lining that contains the fecal matter for a short time after your Little poops. With the reusable, the poop eventually goes in the toilet. With a disposable it goes into a trashcan in the pool area and then a landfill. Which option sounds more sanitary?

Misconception #3 - Reusable swim diapers are not as secure as disposable swim diapers

Debunk: Disposable diapers come in a variety of sizes, designed to fit your child through the different stages in their life. Reusing a swim diaper has got to lead to stretching elastics and loose fits, right? Not with a quality product! Beau and Belle Littles reusable swim diapers are adjustable and made of high quality materials so they last as long as you child is in diapers! They will fit your kiddo from 0-36 months (newborn sized diapers up to size 5). The adjustability means that you may find them to be more snug and secure than a standard disposable swim diaper. Plus, their larger sizes accommodates children up to 55 pounds - so that means extended wear for children who need it, who might not otherwise fit in the largest standard disposable swim diaper size. 

Misconception #4 - I will still need to use a disposable swim diaper underneath a reusable swim diaper, so why bother with a reusable?

Debunk: False! Reusable diapers, just like disposable swim diapers, are designed to catch solids. There is no need to wear a disposable swim diaper underneath a reusable swim diaper - that would be like wearing two pairs of underwear … unnecessary! Reusable swim diaper can, and should, be worn by itself (unless you want to insert a cloth diaper while you are not in the water to catch urine)! If you are worried about soiling a reusable swim diaper, refer back to misconception number two. A bonus in finding a cute print is that the swim diaper can even double as a bathing suit!

Misconception #5 - Reusable swim diapers will absorb pee and water, puff up and be heavy on my child.

Debunk: I get it - you’re probably thinking that a regular diaper absorbs liquid so how is a swim diaper different? Reusable swim diapers do not absorb any liquids at all. They allow water and pee to flow freely through the diaper, without accumulating and creating extra weight or bulkiness. The exterior of the reusable swim diaper is a polyester blend that includes a plastic like coating that contains solids only. The inside layer is mesh - that means no liquid-holding-saggy-diaper happening in your family while at the pool or beach this summer!

And there you have it folks, the top five misconceptions about reusable swim diapers debunked. Save money and the environment, by considering making the switch to reusable! You won’t regret it! Our family is sure glad that we made the switch!

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