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Protecting Your Little's Eyes from the Sun

Posted by Lauren Petrullo on
Protecting Your Little's Eyes from the Sun

“If we could see the world through a child’s eyes, we could see the magic in everything.” Your Little one’s eye health is just as important as their skin when it baby with sunglasses and a Beau and Belle Littles swim diapercomes to protecting them from the sun’s harsh rays. We tend to think of sunglasses being for adults only, but because children tend to spend more time outdoors than adults, studies show that nearly half of a person’s sun exposure can take place before age 18. Long eye UV exposure as a child can lead to lifelong sight issues and conditions. To preserve those magical eyes it is wise to invest in a high quality pair of sunglasses for your Little. 

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In my experience, finding a pair of sunglasses that fits and stays on my Littles face can be a challenge. When I walked the aisle of Walmart I found sunglasses that were geared towards children ages 3 and up. My little was 6 months at the time and, needless to say, the Walmart sunglasses were huge on her face and simply wouldn’t work. I began to research online for sunglasses specifically geared to children under 3. I landed on these two brands as my TOP TWO:

RoShamboBaby- This company is amazing and truly stands behind their product little boy sunbathing on a raft in a pool wearing sunglasses and BBLittles Shark Rashguard and swim diaperwith a durability guarantee. Their shades can withstand a truck running them over, since they are made from a highly flexible material (great for those toddler tornados). The sunglasses are high quality and the company guarantees that they will block 100% of UVA/B/C rays (basically all the harmful rays that your Little could be exposed to). They have many fun and different styles to fit your Littles needs. Their sizes range from Baby (0-2 years), Toddler (2-4 years), Junior (4-12 years). They even offer a line for adults. What I love most about Roshambo sunglasses is that they stay on my kiddo. They even sell a strap and ear adjustment kit, which I highly recommend. Baby and toddler shades run a reasonable $20 dollars, which is great when you consider the quality and high standard of protection.




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Babiators- Another high quality company that stands by their shades. They offer a one-year loss or broken replacement guarantee, as long as the shades are registered on their site. The frames are a flexible rubber and Babiators claim their lenses will protect against those harmful UVA/B rays. The company also get added points when it comes to the style award as they not only come in many different colors, but many different frame options that will be sure to help any Little make the perfect fashion statement. There are plenty of options that match their favorite Beau and Belle Littles swim diaper print! Just like Roshambo, they have many sizing categories ranging from Junior (0-2 years), Classic (3-5 years), and the Blue Series (6+ years). They also offer an additional strap for the Junior and Classic series to help keep the shades on the faces of those Littles. Cost of Babiators can vary from $20 - $35 dollars depending on style and lens.

Bonus recommendation: Frogglez! You know Beau and Belle Littles is all about getting your Little out there swimming! For eye protection from both sun and water Frogglez are amazing! Beau and Laelle (the original BBLittles!) give them their seal of approval. They have a specially designed, unique strap that keeps them in place

preschool aged girl wearing shark rash guard from Beau and Belle Littles and sunglasses without pinching or pulling hair. They feature silicone lenses that are 100% UV protected. They run about $20 on Amazon and are available in three designs. They are for listed kids 3-8 but Laelle is only 2 and they fit her so check out the specs on their listing for sizing. Click here to go directly to their website!

When it comes to little ones and their eye health, eye protection are a good idea every time they are going out for some outdoor fun. Even on cloudy days, harmful rays are still coming through that cloud cover! If you are shopping for sunglasses it is important to look for these key things.

- Make sure they cover 100% of all UV rays to get the maximum protection.

- The color of the lens really doesn’t matter, nor does polarization (it only affects glare).

- The bigger the shade the better the protection as it covers more of the eyes and face.

- The glasses should fit and be comfortable for your Little.

toddler girl wearing sunglasses and Beau and Belle Littles swim diaper, wavingNext time you put on sunscreen on your Little’s skin to protect them from the sun don’t forget some shades for those magical eyes!

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Author: Karissa Sargent

Photo Credits: Jana Wood, Angie Carter, Karissa Sargent

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