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Cute as can be! 

-- Barbara Corcoran
Like many entrepreneurs, Rachelle Baron started her company out of her own need. She was dissatisfied with the swim pants on the market. Baron’s 6-month-old son loved swimming. But swim pants were expensive and uncomfortable. So Baron created ones that are adjustable, environmentally friendly — they’re reusable — and comfortable — softer elastic around the waist and leg, and mesh not an absorbing layer next to the child.

-- Forbes
Uber adjustable, Nageuret diapers have snaps that adjust around the waist and legs, and three different size adjustments for height. So infants as light as 8 pounds and toddlers as heavy as 60 pounds can rock the trendy patterns designed by Beau & Belle Littles. They're lined with a super soft mesh to be gentle on your baby's skin. This company's business practices are impressive, too: If anything happens to one of their swim diapers, they refund your money and give you a new one. Plus, 5 percent of their sales go to Compassion International.

We love love love this reusable water diaper! We bought it after a friend of mine’s son had it at a pool. She told us how it grows with your child, is adjustable in many different sizes and arrangements (for thicker legs and smaller stomachs or vise versa) and so I ordered it. I’ve used it week after week for my son’s swim class, washing it each time after use and it still looks like new. It is a durable reusable diaper with a cute design and I plan on buying another one for my baby daughter too!

-- Missy
Easy to use and love that it comes in a size that fits my 40lb 3yo. Bought 2 for a vacation and never needed a disposable swim diaper. Wore them all day at the beach, in the pool and they cleaned up great.

-- Gretchen
Love this. Like how the diaper part can be sized up or down, and washed and reused. Not sure if it needs to be tighter, or if it’s just standard for these things, but there has been leakage when the baby pees. Haven’t had a no. 2s to confirm On that front.

-- Laura A
Cute design and easy to use. Fit both my chunky 30 lb toddler and my skinny 15 baby.

-- Ashley
This is a great little suit! Good quality and very cute! I will say, my son is 14 months and 30 lbs, around 31 inches and he’s on the last buttons. Not sure he’ll be able to wear it for much longer than this summer. But if you have a smaller child, you should be able to get longer use out of it. He’s a little hulk. So he may be out of the ordinary on sizing...

-- ksrobo
Love these. Haven’t had any problems with them. Certainly have handled all types of accidents

-- Antonella P.
I bought this last year, but baby was still very small and we just ended up using the throw away swim diapers. This year, we are able to use it more and it is great! Very cute print, easy to pull on, and adjustable! My son is 14 months old, wearing 18 month clothes and here I have it adjusted one snap up from the smallest size. I anticipate ordering another one for this summer!

-- Virginia C.