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How to Take Envy Worthy Photos of your Littles

Posted by Lauren Petrullo on
How to Take Envy Worthy Photos of your Littles

What better way to kick off warm weather than with a family photo. Call it the back to summer photo for your Instagram haha - before the sunburns, before summer camp starts. Before the summer chaos.

 However, a summer photo, a winter photo, any photos at all can be a chore with kiddos and we know the struggle right along with you. That is why we have gathered some of our tried and true photo tips to get those Instagram worthy images all year long of your littles.

Giving kiddos fun things in photos is a good way to keep them entertained and believe it or not, these are all things you probably have around your house! Buckets, Bubbles, snacks (fruit, popsicles), and cute accessories like sunglasses and hats all are great for pulling a photo together. Props can spruce up those photos and allow your kids to have fun during the photoshoot.  

Keep the fun and avoid the challenge; taking photos that are more in the moment than staged will be more successful. Here are some recommendations on capturing the best photos this summer. Let's make all the moms jealous of your summer photos.

  • First things first, low-key BRIBERY is your friend. Everything from ice cream to tiny toys we have found do the trick. But sometimes you need more than an ice cream sandwich to get kiddos to participate...
  • Another trick is to get on their level. Have your littles go in for a hug, kiss or cuddle; kiddos love interacting with one another and getting those candid photos really make for an amazing shot.
  • When all else fails and kiddos aren't cooperating fart jokes are sure to work. Making kiddos laugh give you those authentic and amazing smiles that can't be beaten.
  • You can also use kiddos boundless energy to your advantage. Giving them an objective such as run as fast as you can towards me or jump as high as you can; this can result in amazing images of anticipation and then those authentic moments of joy.

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