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Brand Ambassador Agreement

Brand Ambassador Agreement


This Agreement is made by accepting your position as a Brand Ambassador (BA) for Beau and Belle Littles (BBL). 

This Agreement/commitment begins when you place your first order as a Brand Ambassador

  1. 1. BA Commitments
    1. BA must be supportive and encouraging toward the product. No negative or defamatory statements or representations are tolerated.
    2. BA must maintain a public account on IG
    3. BA must opt in to BBL software tracking to earn points for rewards. 
    4. BA must post at least one photo per month of his or her baby or babies (clearly) wearing BBL’s products to their public Instagram account, tagging BBL in the photo as follows:
      1. In Instagram, with @bblittles (using the tag photo feature) and using the following hashtags: #bblittles #bblittlesswim #loveyourlittles and #swimdiaper (when posting photos of BBL’s swim diaper.)
    5. BA must engage with BBL on social channels. 
      1. Facebook Actions
        1. BA actions counted
          1. Likes, Comments, Shares 
        2. BA's Friends actions counted
          1. Likes and Comments
      2. Instagram Actions
        1. Comments, Tag or Mention in Photo, Tag or Mention in video/reel, Mention @bblittles in comment
    6. The original, high-resolution photos must be shared with BBL using Dropbox.
    7. BA agrees that BBL may use all photos posted in its marketing materials in perpetuity without further compensation other than what is outlined above. BA releases all rights to these photos for editing, etc.
  2. BBL Commitments
    1. BBL will have awesome contests, which BAs are not required to participate in, but are encouraged to do so.
      1. Weekly Points Earning: BR with the most earned points will receive bonus points. 
      2. Monthly Contests: BR with most points over the entire month earns bonus points.
      3. Earn bonus points on your birthday. 
    2. BBL will post rewards that BAs can redeem points 
      1. Friend's and family discount after setting up your account
      2. Free products
      3. Giftcards
      4. BA exclusive print
      5. Exclusive BA gifts