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PRESS RELEASE Fall 2016 New Swim Diaper Prints

Posted by Lauren Petrullo on
Fall 2016 New Swim Diaper Prints


           For Immediate Release

Press Contact: Lauren Albin

Phone Number: 970.449.6870


Parents Make Waves in Swim Diaper Industry

With two new designs, Beau & Belle Littles bring form and function together

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (Aug. 30, 2016)— Beau & Belle Littles, a Colorado startup, is expanding its product line with two new, trendy swim diaper designs. Founded by Rachelle and Paul Baron last year, the “for parents by parents” company offers sensible solutions to everyday needs.

“As parents ourselves, we found a lack of fun patterns currently available in the market,” said Co-Founder Paul Baron. “With our new designs we created something cute that mothers would like but are still comfortable for the littles.”

The Nageuret Premium Reusable Swim Diaper (Nageuret is French meaning small/little swimmer) is one-size fits most and is easily adjustable with snaps for babies one month to two (sometimes three) years old. With Sea Creatures and Sea Turtles currently available, Beau & Belle Littles is now offering Green Stripes and Green Arrows. Both new designs can be purchased on their website for $15.47.

The new designs are the first part of a larger product expansion expected to launch in early 2017, including a larger reusable swim diaper for children two years old and older (or babies with chunkier thighs) with a removable double-layer insert that can also be used for potty training.

Focusing on families, Beau & Belle Littles takes customer service to the next level not only ensuring product satisfaction but also providing an understanding of how swim diapers work. For example, swim diapers should fit into the creases of a little’s legs and be snug, potentially leaving marks similar to sock marks, but not too tight as to hurt or cut off circulation.

The couple even adds in a little humor for fellow parents who use Beau & Belle Littles products. Each swim diaper has a tag with these care instructions:

  • For best results knock solids into toilet, machine wash cold, do not bleach, tumble dry low.
  • For worst results let several poops accumulate, bleach in boiling water with red and white dress shirts, blow dry on roof rack.

“We set out to design swim diapers because we saw the need for a good product that lasted longer than three months,” said Co-Founder Rachelle Baron. “For parents with littles that love swimming as much as ours does, they will appreciate a reusable option that can still be used as your child grows.”

Additionally, Beau & Belle Littles believe in helping people in need, donating five percent of its proceeds to Compassion International each year.

About Beau & Belle Littles: Started in mid 2015 by Rachelle and Paul Baron and named after their then almost 1-year-old son Beauregard and Paul’s nickname for Rachelle (Belle), Beau & Belle Littles makes high-quality, durable, reusable baby swim diapers. The small family owned, family focused business provides the best baby swim products through attentive innovation. To learn more, visit


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