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The Best Gift for all those Summer Birthdays and Baby Showers

Posted by Lauren Petrullo on
Best Gift for Summer Birthday and Baby Shower

We have all been there, you receive the birthday or the baby shower invite to your close friend or family. You want to go, but it leaves you in that never-ending struggle of what gift to buy. You want the gift to be thoughtful, useful, and something that can be used more than just for a hot minute. After searching the toy aisle you soon realize that the little you are buying for will play with the toy maybe once unless you spend a fortune. You walk right by the clothing aisle that has tons of cute clothes, but let’s face it, littles grow out of clothes faster than you can change their diaper.

So what gift do you get? I want to suggest considering a reusable swim diaper. Bear with me for a minute as I think getting a reusable swim diaper just might make you the best gift giver at the party. 

Reusable Reusable Reusable! One of the best features of a swim diaper is that it is the gift that keeps on giving. Unlike cute outfits that a little can outgrow in less than a month, Beau & Belle Little swim diapers can be adjusted to last from ages 0 to 3 Two turtle toys, fruit snacks, shark print Beau and Belle Littles Swim diaper, and goggles laid out on a beach towel.years. This kind of reusability can make mom and dad’s bank account very happy as disposable swim diapers can cost a small fortune over the years. Not only can swim diapers save from a shear reusable standpoint, but they can also save parents from having to buy a new swimsuit each year. Reusable swim diapers come in many fun designs, which allow them to be worn alone as a swim bottom.

It is clear that reusable swim diapers make great gifts, but they become even better gifts when paired with other fun water items. To get to that ultimate gift giver status here are a few suggestions on great gifts to pair that reusable swim diaper with.

1. Puddle Jumper/ Life Vest: With one in five children under the age of 14-year-old dying due to unintentional drowning. Buying a little one a puddle jumper/ life vest is a great way to ensure the little one is safe when enjoying many fun water activities. In addition, there is a great variety of colors and designs that you can match with the reusable swim diaper.

2. UV Protective Gear: Rash guard shirts are great and very functional when it comes to littles and the never-ending battle of sun exposure. With many health care professionals advising against the use of harsh sunscreens; UV protective rash guard shirts are a great way to keep little ones safe and comfortable from the relentless sun exposure.

3. Beach Towel: I know it may seem too simple, but beach towels are a wonderful gift to give. What is nice about a beach towel is you can easily find one with a Baby laying on leaf shaped beach towel wearing Beau and Belle Littles swim diapers on the beach.specific character or cartoon figure that the little one is currently into to make the gift more personable. There are also unique towels such as those cute circular ones or even ones made to look like a mermaid tail. 

4. Water Toys: Anything from squirt guns, rubber duckies, to larger gifts like water tables. Nothing is a better combination in little one's eyes than toys and good old H2O.

5. Swim Lessons: My final gift pairing suggestion is to give the gift of swim lessons. Probably the most thoughtful gift you can give someone is an experience that will last a lifetime. A good place to start when thinking of gifting swim lessons is through the American Red Cross; they have certified swim instructors.

I hope the next time you receive that invite to that special little one's party you consider reusable swim diapers as the gift you will take along. You will sure to reach that ultimate gift giver status. want to read more about birthday wishes?



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