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Special Needs Swim Diaper: Make Swimming Fun and Safe for Special Kids

Posted by Lauren Petrullo on
little girl swimming

Swimming is a great way to stay active and healthy, but it can be challenging for children with special needs.

If you're a parent with children with special needs, you often find yourself looking for ways to help your child enjoy the water, just like normal kids would. Swim diapers are an excellent solution for this problem. Swim diapers can make any pool, lake, or beach outing fun and safe for kids with particular needs.

But how do you carefully choose the ones that are reliable for your child's needs? We've got you covered!

How Swim Diapers Can Help Kids With Special Needs

Swimming is a great way to stay healthy and enjoy the outdoors. But what about kids who have special needs? They might not be able to go in the water or need additional support while they do.

Using reusable swim diapers for special needs can also benefit children with physical disabilities by providing safety, comfort, and independence during swimming activities. Not only that, but they help to keep the pool environmentally sensible.

Having that said, let's take a look at some benefits of using reusable or swimming diapers for your children with special needs.

Benefits of Using Swim Diaper for Children With Special Needs

There are many benefits of using reusable diapers for children with special needs. They include:

#1 More comfortable compared to traditional diapers.

Children with special needs, specifically autism, seem to be more comfortable wearing reusable diapers. They aren't as bulky as disposables, and children tend to move around less. This usually translates into reduced behavior issues which is an added benefit for parents of these kids.

#2 Less likely to cause skin rashes.

Since reusable diapers are not made of plastic, they are less likely to cause skin rashes if appropriately washed. These types of diapers are designed to suit the needs of children with special needs, which is they contain fewer seams and irritable parts for maximum comfort.

#3 More environmentally friendly compared to disposable diapers.

Disposable diapers are made from plastic and non-biodegradable materials that take hundreds of years to decompose. This could prove very difficult for future generations to manage these mountains of waste.

#4 Helps with tantrums and potty training.

Children learn better when they are comfortable. If you notice, children often become less irritable and more relaxed when using reusable diapers. Sometimes it takes longer for these kids to realize that they need to go to the bathroom, which is why it's best if they feel near-bare skin while wearing these types of diapers. Using reusable diapers can help improve potty training overall.

#6 Does not hinder movement.

The seams of reusable diapers are usually located at the rear or hip area, preventing your child's movement. This is important because children could easily trip over the bulky side seams of traditional disposable diapers.

#7 The freedom to have fun.

Children with special needs are very much into having fun just like any normal kid. Being able to have fun means they're relaxed and comfortable, which is why it's recommended that you use reusable diapers for your kids with special needs.

Children on Dependent Diapering

It's often hard to have children dependent on diapers. Although there are many reasons why this may occur — some children have been accustomed to using diapers while others use them as a way to cope with a medical situation. 

This is particularly true, especially for children with deficiencies and needs. We understand your struggle.

And we are here to help. But first, let’s discuss what is dependent diapering and some tips you can do about it.

What is Dependent Diapering?

Dependent diapering is a process of caring for someone else who has limited to zero control bowel functions. Essentially, this is common when a child is in a situation where they cannot take care of their own bathroom needs. This can be especially important while a child is swimming as sometimes kids can be distracted having fun and fail to communicate any need to use the restroom.

It's most likely possible to switch children with bowel control deficiencies successfully to diapers. You're going to need to invest in time and effort to feel comfortable in them. 

Focus on making it easy for them, and putting a diaper on them will be the easy part. Try not to look at this as an "I have no other choice" method of diapering your children - you do.

Here are some tips we have to help you:

Incorporate it into their routine.

Make the diaper feel like more of a part of them than something stuck on top. This way, they will wear their underwear with the diapers, making it even more part of them.

Choose absorbent underwear or something similar under their pants.

This would give them that uncomfortable wet feeling when they try to get in positions where they usually go potty and eventually give in and use their diapers.

Make using diapers rewarding.

If your child hasn't already been interested in your potty, this could be good to try. Allow them to have only two drinks before using their diapers. Or let them have an extra snack if they wet the diaper. Also, you can naturally encourage naturally healthy eating by giving them vegetables whenever they use their diapers.

Make it very clear that your child is using the diaper.

There should never be any doubt in their mind for this to work. Talk about it and let them know that's what they're doing, even if they don't understand your words yet.

Choose diapers that are appealing to them.

There are plenty of options out there, other than the plain old diaper look. Find something that appeals to them, like Mickey Mouse or Sesame Street characters. Children learn things differently and sometimes at a slower pace. It's essential to not overwhelm them if you're trying to get them to wear these diapers.

Give your kids time.

You can't expect a special needs child to change their entire lifestyle and habits overnight. It's going to take some serious time, patience, and understanding, but with those three things, you will make your experience as their parents all the more enjoyable.

It may seem like a lot of work at first, but things will be much easier after they get used to it and you both establish a routine. And you'll love those swim diapers too!

What's Best For Dependent Children on Diapering While swimming?

Swim diapers that are adjustable and comfortable are the best choice for special needs children, making potty training more accessible and faster. They provide comfort to your little one and exceptional mobility while swimming even when they poop in them. Plus you can choose from a variety of designs! Reusable swim diapers, like ours at Beau and Belle and Littles are of better quality than disposables, so they make the best choice for special needs children.

Buying reusable swim diapers for special needs children once may seem like it's more expensive than buying disposables over time as one reusable swim diaper may be similar in pricing to 5 disposables. Still, it saves money by reducing overall costs on disposable diapers in the long run because one BB Littles swim diaper will snap up with age and can be worn for up to 3 years. This also makes it easier to get by with smaller-sized reusable diapers because they will last much longer than the usual disposables.


Baby Cloth Swim Diaper

Choosing the Ideal Special Need Swim Diapers

It's important for you to choose the ideal special needs swimwear for your kids because this will help them enjoy their playtime in the pool. It is not easy to find good quality swimming training pants that will fit perfectly on your child. If your child has a favorite swim trunk without a diaper built in, our swim diapers are designed to fit comfortably underneath any swim trunks while providing accident prevention and any embarrassing pool evacuations. 

Here are some things that you should note when choosing the ideal reusable swim diapers for special needs. 

#1 Waterproof Liner

You should choose a particular swim diaper that is strong and has a waterproof liner. If you are buying a reusable diaper, make sure it is tight enough to make sure it can't leak.

#2 Drainage Holes

If you're with a child with special needs, look for a swimming diaper with drainage holes to allow urine to pass through and have a diaper that specifically contains poop. A good swimming diaper should also be easy to put on and take off and should not leak any feces. 

#3 Breathability

If you buy a swimming diaper, it should have good airflow so your child does not get hot when inside the pool. It makes sure that they get to enjoy a safe and carefree experience.

#4 Size and Fit

A good special needs swim diaper will come in different sizes so you can find the appropriate fit for your kid. Adjustable swim diapers are ideal as they can accommodate various growth spurts your child may experience without requiring you to buy a new size.  Great swimming training diapers should not fall off except when removed, even if it tends to be loose, you want a swim diaper to hug around the waist, thighs, and fit snuggly where the diaper may rise. 

#5 Latex Free

You should look for special needs swim diapers that are latex-free. Latex irritates the skin of many children who have sensory issues. You can also look for swim pants that have been tested to be hypoallergenic.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Today, we have talked about how important it is to choose the right swim diaper for your child in order to ensure a fun and safe swimming experience — especially for kids with special needs.

Make sure that you consider the factors listed above when deciding. It shouldn't be challenging to find the perfect swim diaper for your special needs child with so many options available.

Whether you're a mom ready to make the switch or someone who wants to gift a swim diaper to a great little (or bigger one with our kids sizes) with special needs. Shop Beau and Belle Littles full collection of quality swim diaper options today!

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