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Swim Diapers for Toddlers

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Planning the best summer beach vacation to unwind and relax can be exciting even with infants and toddlers around. We at Beau and Belle Littles want you to get the most sensible and practical swim diapers that work perfectly with your toddlers all day long.

Our reusable swim diapers for babies are adjustable and washable making them much more practical and cost-effective compared to regular swim diapers. These swim diapers are designed to hold poop while in the water to avoid an accident that results in a pool evacuation. Beau and Belle Littles swim diapers are easy to wash and clean, too. It is light, easy to use, and comes in a variety of cute prints and patterns specially designed for kids that can match any swimwear outfit. A must-have on what to prepare when swimming with toddlers. 


Beau and Belle Littles swim diapers are made of 100% PUL polyester fabric to avoid rash when submerged in the water. The outer shell is waterproof and is made from 100% premium soft polyester cloth fabric while the inner is made from super soft premium polyester mesh for comfort and easy washing.

Our swim diapers do not contain an inner absorbent layer because once you are swimming that layer will absorb water and weigh your baby's bottom down. There is no need to worry about having excess water in the fabric against your baby's skin which is the number one cause of diaper rash in swim diapers.

If your baby loves to swim then this washable diaper will not just save you money but will definitely give your little ones the best time while they are in the water.

Care Instructions
Product Details
100% PUL outer shell
100% polyester inner mesh safe for boys
2020 Amazon Testimonials


We love love love this reusable water diaper! We bought it after a friend of mine’s son had it at a pool. She told us how it grows with your child, is adjustable in many different sizes and arrangements (for thicker legs and smaller stomachs or vise versa) and so I ordered it. I’ve used it week after week for my son’s swim class, washing it each time after use and it still looks like new. It is a durable reusable diaper with a cute design and I plan on buying another one for my baby daughter too!


Easy to use and love that it comes in a size that fits my 40lb 3yo. Bought 2 for a vacation and never needed a disposable swim diaper. Wore them all day at the beach, in the pool and they cleaned up great.

Laura A

Love this. Like how the diaper part can be sized up or down, and washed and reused. Not sure if it needs to be tighter, or if it’s just standard for these things, but there has been leakage when the baby pees. Haven’t had a no. 2s to confirm On that front.

Antonella P.

Love these. Haven’t had any problems with them. Certainly have handled all types of accidents


Disposable swim diapers are great but so blasted expensive for regular use. This reusable swim diaper is adjustable for several sizes and still looks brand new after several uses.


This product is awesome! It can change sizes easily! Baby likes wearing them to swim. It is easy to clean! I would definitely recommend this product for swimming babies!

Amanda M

I’ve heard of using pocket diapers without inserts for swimming in, but this way I know there won’t be bleaching from the chlorine on my cover. The material is also better suited for water use. It’s very good quality and highly adjustable. I love the prints and double rows of snaps at the top. What can I’s cute. We love it.

Rima suleyman

Oh my gosh I absolutely love these! I love that the fit is adjustable. And we actually experienced an "accident". I wasnt even aware until we got out of the pool! That's how perfect it does the job. And it is super cute with many patterns to chose from.

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Is a diaper to be worn under?

A: The Nageuret like other swim diapers are only designed to hold solids. If your baby isn't eating solid foods yet I recommend double layering either with two reusable or with a disposable underneath. Some pools require wearing a disposable underneath a reusable so check with your pool. NEVER wear a regular diaper underneath because it will explode and it is really difficult to get the sodium polyacrylate out of the pool.

What happens when my baby pees?

we actually specifically designed these not to be absorbent at all so that kiddos don't get cold when they're out of the water.
Actually all swim diapers are only meant to contain solids, not pee. Even (especially) the bigbox brands are not designed to hold urine because they don't contain sodium polyacrylate water crystals like their regular counterparts do and therefore, do not absorb much liquid. If they did, they'd puff up immediately (like a normal diaper) once they hit the water and lose their "containment" power. Since they are only slightly absorbent, as soon as the go into the water they become fully saturated (with water) and are unable to absorb anything else.
Sooooo when babies pee, it just goes in the pool. Gross, I know but that's one of the reasons why public pools are all chlorinated. Sorry for the long answer, but thanks for the question

What if I love more than one print and cannot decide?

A: We offer discounts on multiple swim diapers so you don't have to choose between your favorites!

Lingering Poop Stains and Smells:

A: Soak over night in hot water with dawn dish soap. Wash in the washer with a regular full load. Line dry in the sun with the white inner mesh side out.

Where are you swim diapers from?

A: We are a family owned mom and pop based in Loveland, CO. All of our swimsuits are designed in the US and Denmark and shipped directly from our home in Colorado.

How is this different from cloth diapers?

A: There are a lot of types of cloth diapers. All In One, Pocket, Covers, Wool Covers etc. AIO have all the absorbing material attached to the diaper and if you went swimming with one all that material would absorb the water and it would be bulky and get water EVERYWHERE when you get out. They are also on average $25.00 a diaper and most cloth diaper moms I know want to be able to use their cloth diapers for a long time and with multiple kids. Pocket diapers have a fleece material on the inside which will absorb some water, but the biggest difference is there is elastic ALL the way around our swim diapers. Most cloth diapers don't have elastic in the front and only a small amount in the back. The absorbing material is what keeps them from leaking. They could easily leak if you go swimming because the water easily flows in and out of the diaper. Wool covers wouldn't work at all in the pool because water would flow in and out of the material. Regular covers could work, but most covers don't have anything between the cover and the skin because you would be using a prefold underneath and you wouldn't use a prefold when swimming.

So our diapers:

  • Have elastic all the way around the waist and legs keeping solids contained.
  • There's not an absorbent layer just a polyester mesh material that is super soft and will hold on to the solids.
  • On average pockets and AIO cost $25 and ours is only $16 rounded up. The chlorine in pools will eventually eat away at the PUL layer that all cloth diapers have (except for wool covers obviously).

Swim Diapers are only designed to contain solids. If your baby pees then it will leak out the legs so we recommend changing right before swimming. And ALL swim diapers are a TEMPORARY barrier for poop so you need to change when your baby poops and put on a clean swim diaper to keep swimming

What is the elastic around the diaper composed of? Does this product contain dry rubber or natural rubber latex additives?

A: It’s made of Nylon and spandex.

Do swim diapers contain pee?

The short answer is no. Swim diapers aren't designed to contain urine. There are some on the market that might hold some if your Little goes while their swim diaper is dry, but once they get into the pool that absorbing layer is soaked with water and won't contain any urine (or any other liquids for that matter).

Why doesn't the Nageuret have an absorbing layer?

We thought about adding a removable absorbing insert, but it was too difficult to remove before going swimming. Having that extra layer holds more water next to your baby's skin, which can make them 1. Colder when you get them out. 2. Possibly cause diaper rash because, let's be honest wet fabric is kind of scratchy.
So we recommend changing your Little once you get to the pool and don't be embarrassed/surprised if they pee before getting in, Beau did all the time prior to potty-training.

Will the Nageuret Leak?

Swim diapers are only a temporary barrier for poop while swimming. Eventually the water will dissolve the poop and it will start leaking. The only way to prevent leaking would be to create a completely impermeable water barrier around your child's waist and legs, like duct taping or something... Now that doesn't sound very nice, so we suggest:

  1. Making sure it is on tight around the legs and waist, but not too tight. It should cause slight red marks from the tightness of the fit.
  2. Don't go swimming if your child has had diarrhea within 24 hours, but longer is better.
  3. If you exclusively breastfeed your baby (that's awesome keep up the good work) or if you use formula don't write this one off either (don't worry I used formula with Beau, so no judgement here. A fed baby is a happy baby).
  4. Explosive poops! They aren't containable by a normal diaper, so don't expect your Nageuret to contain it. It contains A LOT! but we all know the power of an explosive poop.
  5. Check the diaper often for poop! Change them as soon as you can and put a clean diaper on. (We recommend having at least 2 swim diapers with you at all times for this very reason!)

How do you wash the Nageuret?

Since most of the time you'll go swimming and not have a poopy swim diaper (which is super nice) wash in a regular load with cold water. Use regular soap. Avoid products like bleach or oxiclean.
If your Little does poop: Knock all the solids in the toilet. Rinse it as well as possible before washing. Adding a little bit of detergent to the swim diaper before washing helps with stains and smell. If you have a HE Front Loading washer, washing with a larger load helps agitate the stain out. Wash in warm water.
You can air dry the swim diaper or throw it in the dryer.
If you have lingering stains you can try hanging it out in the sun, which will naturally bleach the fabric.

The #1 Swim Diaper on and by thousands and thousands of reviews from our BBL Fam.

Our Nageuret™ Reusable Baby Swim Diapers by Beau & Belle Littles™ are designed to keep solids in the swim diaper and keep others safe from accidents and fit any infant between in diaper sizes N through 5 (6-36 lbs; waist 7.75in.-19.5in, legs 5.5in-10in). Plus we have limited edition sizes available for kids ages 5 - 12.

  • Waterproof outer fabric made from 100% PUL polyester
  • Adjustable with three different tummy/waist, width, and length sizes
  • Reusable and intended to grow with your child and save you money
  • Eco-Friendly swim diapers that are good for your baby and the planet
  • Internal Polyester mesh designed for easy washing and baby comfort
  • Small familiy-owned company based in Loveland, Colorado

Here's why Beau & Belle Littles Swim Diapers are the best.

  • They last and last and last! These swim diapers last so much longer than other sized options that are single use or end up unused and in the trash after baby has grown out of them. Plus, these come off easily with less mess than a regular diaper (no poop down the legs like the pull-up type swim diapers).
  • The outlayer protects baby and you by keeping the poop in the swim diaper while the inner layer keeps your child comfortable with a soft and easy to clean mesh. Our waterproof swim diapers are made so that you don't have to worry about excess water in the fabric causing friction against your child's skin, which is the #1 cause of diaper rash in swim diapers.
  • Can be worn alone or discreetly under a swimsuit all the while preventing harmful bacteria from enter the water. These swim diapers are the perfect solution for your kiddos that aren't potty trained, recently potty trained, or have bowel incontinence.
Taking care your nageuret reusable swim diaper is easy peasy

Taking care your nageuret reusable swim diaper is easy peasy!

  • For best results knock solids into toilet, machine wash cold, do not bleach, tumble dry low.
  • For worst results let several poops accumulate, bleach in boiling water with red and white dress shirts, blow dry on roof rack
  • The swim diaper is constructed using PUL outerlayer fabric which contains the poop. The polyester mesh inner layer is soft and easy to clean. The Nageuret doesn't contain an inner absorbing layer because once you're swimming that layer would absorb the water and weigh your baby's bottom down. You don't have to worry about having excess water in fabric against baby's skin which is the #1 cause for diaper rash in swim diapers.  The elastic around the waist and legs is comfortable and doesn't cause chaffing like the tough elastic in other diapers or the scratchy fabric from disposable diapers. You can have confidence that you are keeping the pool poop free by using a Beau and Belle Littles swim diaper.
Our 1-Year Better Than Money-Back Guarantee

Our 1-Year Better Than Money-Back Guarantee

We're not satisfied unless you're totally happy and ridiculously satisfied with your purchases. Beau & Belle Littles makes only the highest, best-quality swim diapers which save money and save the environment.

  • The best poop containment units as a swim diaper you can buy
  • 1 Year Warantee
  • Free Shipping on All US Orders over $25
  • We go with the flow and offer simple returns, exchanges, registrations, etc.
  • We're always here for you. We're a small business in Loveland, CO and we personally review every concern, inquiry, and review
The perfect gift for someone with a baby in your life!

The perfect gift for someone with a baby in your life!

While we don't think you necessarily need an occasion, here are some that we think are im-poo-rtant

  • Baby Showers
  • Birthday Parties for a Baby
  • Just because Grandma Loves you
  • Gotcha Day anniversaries
  • 돌잔치 (Doljabi - Doljanchi)
  • Holidays for a child with special needs
  • Holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, and more
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“Ranked #1 Swim Diaper Overall"

Uber adjustable, Nageuret diapers have snaps that adjust around the waist and legs, and three different size adjustments for height. So infants as light as 8 pounds and toddlers as heavy as 60 pounds can rock the trendy patterns designed by Beau & Belle Littles. They're lined with a super soft mesh to be gentle on your baby's skin.


Like many entrepreneurs, Rachelle Baron started her company out of her own need. She was dissatisfied with the swim pants on the market. The baby diaper market — including biodegradable diapers, training nappies, cloth diapers, swim pants, and disposable diapers — was $43.7 billion worldwide in 2015, according to Zion Research. It is expected to grow to $63.4 billion by 2021.

“On TV”

ABC, Fox, & The Rachael Ray Show

"Ranked "Best Overall Infant Swim Diaper"

The ultimate reusable swim diaper, the Nageuret from Beau & Belle Littles can be adjusted to fit babies aged 3 months to 3 years (or 6 to 35 pounds). Its polyester material is easy to clean, and the elastic waist and legs will help contain messes without chafing baby's delicate skin..

"Ranked Best Reusable Because"

Scattered snaps let you adjust these cloth swim diapers to find the perfect (read: leak-proof) fit. The patterns are also totally aw-worthy.

"I relied on a Beau & Belle Littles swim diaper for my son from the time he was a few weeks old. Thanks to its quality materials and adjustable sizing snaps for both waist fit and rise, he wore the same swim diaper until he potty trained at age 3. There’s been no fading at all, and the elastic around the waist and legs has held up without a single stray thread, despite weekly wear. Plus, it’s secure: We’ve (knock on wood) never had a blowout. Washable swim diapers cut down on the bulk of disposable versions, and I like that they are more environmentally friendly—but they do require a little more thought and care."

"Best overall swim diapers...  Parents praise the adjustability of these diapers and say it lives up to the poop-trapping hype."

what are all
of these buttons?

what are
all of these buttons?

Yes it really does adjust for you child to grow with them and wear for years. Not weeks. Not Days. Years.
Solid Color Reusable Swim Diaper

The top row of snaps are to adjust the size to your little's tummy or waist

Solid Color Reusable Swim Diaper

The second row of buttons are used to adjust the size around the legs

Solid Color Reusable Swim Diaper

Adjust the snaps in the front to change teh rise of the swim diaper so it isn't bulky and baggy

Solid Color Reusable Swim Diaper

Just to confirm

Solid Color Reusable Swim Diaper

Buttons are in the front

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Sarah W.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Greatest swim diaper

We recently purchased the toddler size because our little one grew out of the smaller one. Easy to get on and off. Cleaning is a breeze. Plus who doesn't love supporting a family company? Highly recommend

Jasmine G.
United States United States
I recommend this product

So cute!

I love the buttons to readjust size and the anchor print is too cute. I fell in love with these. They’re my 3rd pair and definitely buying more

Amazon C.

They fit the Husky One!

I love that these swim diapers fit my little Minke who’s 2 1/2 years old and 50 lbs.

Daniel C.

Glad these now come in bigger size

We used the infant size diaper very often for 2 years and it is still in good enough shape to be passed on to another child.


Cute pattern

Super cute pattern. Only complaint is that as it gets wet it needs to be made tighter. Easy to clean.